Corporates + Funders

The Viva Foundation of South Africa enjoys the confidence and support of Corporate Funders for several reasons:


  • The organisation has well-managed programmes in high-priority poverty areas in South Africa
  • Well-written proposals are matched with detailed reports and a high level of accountability, project management & donor feedback
  • Funders are afforded involvement opportunities beyond funding, through volunteer days, site visits, feedback and presentations at the funder's convenience and chosen venues
  • Corporations are acknowledged publicly and given space and opportunity for brand presentation at the beneficiary venue
  • There is a pragmatism, relevance and a level of satisfaction that transcends description, experienced by corporations sponsoring the Viva Foundation that ensures continued and repeated support
  • Large Corporations with high expectations and demands for excellence, have found a worthy CSI partner in Viva, such as General Electric (sponsoring the CAPEX of the Independent School), Ford Motor Company SA (Sponsored a Ford Ranger in 2013 and involved in the development of a skills development programme) KFC Add Hope Campaign (annual feeding scheme sponsorship), Capitalworks Foundation, Much Asphalt, Deloitte (OPEX and CSI management services of the Independent School), Elingo (Enterprise Development) and many others.