Outcomes for the Viva Sharehouse

  • Established and initiated a permaculture & farming project with the aim to produce food for Viva Kids

Outcomes for the Viva Foundation e.v. Germany

  • Registered the Viva Foundation in Germany and conducted productive trip, establishing contacts for volunteering and sponsorships

Outcomes for the Feeding Scheme/ Food Security

  • 105 600 meals served at Viva Village, Mamelodi and Viva Kids Bushbuckridge
  • provided 120 food parcels to extremely vulnerable families and 60 food parcels to unemployed beneficiaries and volunteers of SAPRI

Outcomes for the Volunteering

  • approximately 400 short-term, once-off and weekly volunteers at Events
  • weekly volunteers from the Occupational Therapy Faculty provided therapy and classes at Viva Kids Early Learning Centre
  • 12 volunteers stayed between 6 weeks and 3 months at the Viva Sharehouse

Outcomes for the focus area - The Arts


  • Printed posters on Rape Response and the SAPRI System

Viva Township Art

  • Conducted an Art Festival in Mamelodi and Stanford
  • Conduct Viva's got Talent in Mamelodi and Stanford
  • Undertook a trip to London, UK with a community-based artist from Alaska Informal Settlement

Outcomes for the focus area - Sexual Violence Prevention & Response


  • Installed and activated a Community Response System with alarm tower and 200 panic buttons
  • Trained community responders in a 6 course SAPRI programme
  • Built a community office & counselling room
  • Put in place an auxiliary social worker
  • Equipped (with uniform, cellphones etc.) 6 community responders
  • Filmed the SAPRI Training for distribution as a DVD Set
  • Printed and completed the 6 Module SAPRI Course

Outcomes for the focus area - Poverty Alleviation

Viva Enterprise Development Programme

  • Trained 3 community entrepreneurs (female) in Clinical Thermography
  • Set up a computer room for a community entrepreneur as an internet cafe
  • Provided a community entrepreneur, from a child-headed household, with computers and parts to repair and sell
  • Provided wood and carpentry materials to 10 community entrepreneurs
  • Assisted 3 community enterprises in obtaining BEE Certificates and assisted one enterprise in compliancy in order to be awarded a building tender
  • Supported V Mart Community Shop in the Alaska Informal Settlement

Viva Skills Development Programme

  • Conducted a 3 month sewing course at Viva Village with the help of a partner
  • Conducted life-skills and homework assistance with the help of a partner

Outcomes for the focus area - Children


  • 116 children at Viva Kids Mamelodi and 54 children at Viva Kids Bushbuckridge
  • Conducted 2 School Readiness Day Camps, one in Mamelodi East and one in Stanford, Western Cape
  • Conducted 116 individual birthday parties at Viva Kids

Tomorrow's People @ Viva Independent School

  • Added Grade 1 to the existing Grade R, built & equipped 2 classrooms - 50 learners

Viva OVC & HIV/AIDS Support

  • Identified and supported 10 extremely vulnerable families in the Alaska Informal Settlement
  • Distributed 450 blankets from 2 different donor organisations in the Alaska Informal Settlement
  • Distributed Christmas Gifts to 450 children in Mamelodi, Daspoort and Bushbuckridge
  • Distributed 24 Household Goods parcels to extremely vulnerable/homeless families in Daspoort
  • Assisted in mentorship and training of youth leaders and facilitated assistance through the leaders to 200 underprivileged children