Year End Functions

Viva Mamelodi Year-End Function 

11 November 2017 in the Young People's Function Hall (YPF) at Hatfield Christian Church - by invitation only, except volunteers are welcome to contact us per email.  Funders, sponsors and donors are invited to join this event, as well as the parents and children of the Viva Kids ECD and Viva Independent School, Mamelodi East. 


Viva OVC Christmas Party 

2 December 2017 - Christmas Party for Orphans and Vulnerable Children - Pretoria & Mamelodi East - Only children on the OVC list and volunteers/assistants.  No catering is available for volunteers, please bring your own snacks and beverages with.  ONLY REGISTERED VOLUNTEERS.  TO REGISTER PLEASE CONTACT VIVA PER EMAIL. 


Viva Village Year End Party 

6 December 2017 at the Viva Village - only Viva learners and staff.  Party and gifts handed out in class at the Viva Village, Mamelodi East.  


Viva Kids Graduation, Bushbuckridge

9 December 2017 - Christmas Party and Graduation of the Viva Kids Early Learning Centre Bushbuckridge.  By invitation only. 



Sponsorships are needed at R 230+ (USD 20/Euro 15) per child x 429 Children to get us through our Year End and Christmas Season.  The cost per child, includes all costs related to serve our children, including teachers, care givers, transport, food, gifts, party packs, printing and event cost for 4 events in 3 venues, Pretoria (HCC), Mamelodi East and Kildare, Bushbuckridge. 

Mandela Day at Viva

Mandela Day Volunteering Opportunities for Individuals, Groups and Companies


1. Viva Village, Mamelodi East

2. Viva Kids Early Learning Centre, Kildare Bushbuckridge

3. At your own home, company, school, or community 

Activities on Site

1. Painting

2. Cooking & Serving 

3. Cleaning

4. Gardening 

5. Art & Music 

6. Children's Activities*:  Sport, Face-painting, Games [Police Clearance & Acknowledgment of Viva Child Protection Policy essential.]

7. General Assistance with Event 

Activities at your own venue

If you cannot volunteer in person, at one of our sites, you can do one of 4 things: 

1. Collect a Madiba Day money tin and raise funds for our Orphan programme, or our Sexual Violence Prevention Programme.  The tins are available from Viva prior to Mandela Day and must be handed in at different point.  

2. Obtain Rape Response Protocol Posters from Viva [R 30 per poster plus Postage & Handling] and put them up in your place of study, work, or community

3. Organise a Viva Madiba Day at your home, school, or company.  We will provide you with presentation material and you can invite friends and colleagues to sponsor a child at the Viva Kids ECDs, or Viva Independent School, or make once-off donation that will go directly to our children's programmes.  Please let us know well in advance, so that we can send you the materials you will need.  [For handbills etc. we will request that you cover Postage and Handling, depending on how much material you need.] 

4. Sponsor a child at Viva Kids [$35/Euro30/R450 per month] or in our Independent School in the Alaska Informal Settlement [$110/Euro100/R1600 per month] or make a once-off donation by using the donation function on this website. 


Please let us know if you want to assist us this year by sending an email to info(at) 

Thank you!  

The Viva Team 

Viva Township Art Festival Mamelodi

Viva Township Art Festival Mamelodi - Youth Day 16 June 2017 
Street Art, Viva's got Talent, Drumming Circle
For an unforgettable Township Experience, join us for the annual Viva Township Art Festival, Mamelodi on Youth Day this year.  Transform shacks into works of art, join in the drumming circle, sleep over in the township at the Viva Village and help us promote the arts in the Alaska Informal Settlement.  
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Artists, lovers of Art, volunteers and visitors are welcome!  We will also be serving soup in the community and have our Viva's got Talent showcasing dance, drama, poetry and music acts from the surrounding areas.