Viva Township Art Festival Botrivier

Freedom Day 27 April 2017 
From 10:00 
Botrivier Primary School 
Art with Emmanuel Molikoe [Youth}
Art with Regina Broenner [Children]
Vocals with Meleney Berry-Kriel [Soloists and Choirs]
Marima with Llewellyn Adonis [All ages]
Viva’s got Talent: 
R 1000 prize money in 5 categories*: 
  1. Singing – Soloists
  2. Choirs
  3. Drama & Poetry
  4. Dance
  5. Instrumentals 
*Only registered, well-prepared and –presented entries will be allowed.  Viva Foundation of SA maintains the right to NOT award a prize in a category/categories that are not well represented. Email at 
Street Art:
We are creating a Living Art Gallery, by transforming walls and homes in the community into works of art.  Artists must please contact us as soon as possible to join.  A small stipend is available to cover artists’ cost.  Registration by email please at 
Food stalls and vendors will sell food and goods.  Please come and support them!