Promoting Music and the Arts includes initiatives such as Viva's got Talent music competition, Music tuition in the Viva Village Independent School and workshops in visual art, music and performing arts.


Viva's got Talent shows during the Township Art Festivals (providing incentive and platform to community musicians)

The Viva Choir is developing well and receive invitations to perform with Soloist and CEO of the Viva Foundation, Meleney Berry-Kriel.

Providing Music Tuition and setting up a Music School in the Alaska Informal Settlement (This project has been developed in partnership with Hatfield Art Centre and Conductor of the Pretoria Symphony Orchestra, Gerben Grooten.  A tutor has been appointed to provide bi-weekly music lessons to all grades.

The vision is to expand the music tuition into a full music school teaching classical-, jazz and light contemporary music offered to learners of the Viva Village Independent School, After School learners and young adult of the Alaska Informal Settlement, Mamelodi East. 

The immediate need is for instruments and operational expenditure to pay stipends and transport costs for tutors. 

Long-term needs include converted shipping container classrooms and full operational costs to provide tuition to up to 100 learners.   






Your support makes it possible for us to bring about transformation in underprivileged and vulnerable communities.