Viva Foundation Measurable Outcomes for 2015.

How Viva made a difference in 2015


Viva Kids Mamelodi - Early Learning Centre with 106 children in 4 age-groups from 0 - 5 in an informal settlement

Viva Kids Bushbuckridge - Early Learning Centre with 55 children in deep rural setting

Viva Independent School Mamelodi - 70 Children in 3 Foundation Phase Grades (adding a Grade per year) 

SAPRI - South African People's Response Initiative - Sexual Violence Prevention and Response. Deployment of 200 panic buttons in the community, nearly eradicated sexual violence (cases reduced from 120 rapes per year in the neighbourhood, to 2 attempted rapes) and domestic violence (30% of all women regularly, or sporadically abused by partners, reduced to 4 cases of domestic violence per year) 

Art - travelled with one artist from Alaska Informal Settlement, Mamelodi to London and received an artist from London in Mamelodi 

Art - two art festivals, one in Mamelodi and one Stanford 

Poverty Alleviation - skills training and enterprise development provided to underprivileged adults and youths in Mamelodi East 

Youth Development - leadership training and outreach programmes to approximately 400 beneficiaries

Orphans and Vulnerable Children - Home-based support, blankets and Christmas Celebration to 450 beneficiaries

Feeding Scheme - 87 000+ meals provided in 2015 

Infra-structure - Classrooms for the Independent School 

Rape Response Community Respondent Training - 6 modules presented:  Rape Response - From Incident to Guilty Verdict, Court Procedures, Rape-specific First Aid, The Rights of a Victim, Counselling a Rape Survivor and SAPRI Procedures. 

Professionally filmed the Rape Response Training Modules